"Responsible travel should be the norm, the model, the standard"

Here at TourInJapan, we aim to change the way we travel. To do so, we have to change the way we think about traveling, we have to make every trip a responsible one.


With the Green-Score, we prioritize green tours, experiences, and accommodations.

TourinJapan has created the Green-Score, the rating that sheds light on more responsible tours and accommodations! It’s easier for you to make the right choice.

The 4 criteria that settle the Green-score:
  1. Keep it Local: TourinJapan wants to keep your money local to develop regional economies and preserves traditional culture. We prioritize tours with local guides that sheds the light on locally-owned shops and restaurants.
  2. A new path, a new adventure: TourinJapan prioritizes tours that get you off the beaten path. There are still plenty of hidden gems in Japan!
  3. Low carbon footprint: TourinJapan prioritizes tours that have no carbon emission. We give the best rating to walking Tours, bicycle tours, and journey with electric transportation.
  4. Less plastic use: TourinJapan gives a full rating to tours that leads to less consumption of plastic. We want to push local guides to suggest alternatives to travelers.


For every booking, 33% of our commission is allocated to help the environment

Because we want to make every trip a responsible one, every time you make a booking we will transfer 33% of our commission to the TIJ Environmental Fund. {Learn more about our Environmental fund}



Transparency and Community

We believe that building trust is part of what is required to maintain good ethics.
Therefore we chose to be open, honest, and straightforward about our operation.
We share everything with our community, salaries, future plans, goals, and even failure.

{Learn more about our Financial Reports}

Ethics and trust are inseparable.
They travel together.


The board

The role of the board:

The board’s role is to approve major decisions that impact the company like corporate strategy, fundraising, the annual budget, and the hiring of new executive positions. The board act as a strategic consultant to the CEO.



Mathieu BUGLET



Corporate Travel Consultant

The Ambassadors

The role of ambassadors:

The ambassadors are the guarantors of the transparency of Tourinjapan and its environmental fund. They have access every month to transaction details reports concerning the booking platform and the environmental fund. They are consulted on green investing strategies and social environmental campaigns.

Melinda Kumara


Travis Choi


Melusine B.

Ambassador (France)

Marie Dupont


Melinda Kumara